Founded: 2013 | HQ: New York, NY





Mutable is a revolutionary micro-service and edge-cloud solution that creates a very low-latency edge-cloud across local micro-datacenters and enables the efficient deployment of micro-services across this new compute resource.



Currently, cloud infrastructure is highly centralized. It only utilizes a few large data centers with relatively long latency times. On the demand side, areas like online gaming are already known for their need for minimum latency times. The continuous evolution of new technologies, most notably autonomous driving/transport need lower latency times to function optimally. On the supply side, 5G is pushing compute towards existing and new Micro Datacenters to achieve promised sub-5ms latency for next generation compute. These trends prompt demand for a platform to provide a unified infrastructure experience.



Mutable has developed a platform that creates a Public Edge Cloud. The platform addresses both demand and supply sides. On the supply side, Mutable allows owners of Micro Datacenters to sell their excess compute capacity and combines this capacity into a unified edge-cloud resource. On the demand side, the platform helps developers deploy code to the best available nearby datacenter automatically. Besides low latency, additional benefits include enhanced data security by bypassing the internet, as well as increased reliability by using software defined networking.