Founded: 2013 | HQ: San Jose, California, US





Litmus provides a secure platform for enterprise IIoT that allows users to connect, manage and integrate and in an harmonized way from edge to cloud and bridge the gap between operational data and business applications.



The industrial automation is moving from a highly fragmented market - primarily composed of closed legacy platforms, proprietary protocols, non-compatible data structures, with overall no global standards to scale the machine data – to an interconnected set of business systems and devices coordinated by middleware platforms leveraging hybrid deployment models. Within this new framework, scalability, interoperability and the ability to flexibly deploy analytics and applications across several layers of the IoT stack based on the requirements of specific use-cases is becoming of paramount importance.



Litmus has been a pioneer in advancing new frameworks for industrial automation with its Loop platform. This hardware and software agnostic solution seamlessly integrates with devices, enterprise systems and manages communications and processing of data as well as application enablement capabilities and the ability to integrate 3rd party application provider. The platform can be hosted on a cloud or on premise and have advanced edge capabilities working with some of the major industrial players, Litmus is paving the infrastructure for a fully automated industrial factory.