Founded: 2019 | HQ: Portland, Maine






HighByte is making industrial data useful so manufacturers can rapidly and securely scale their Internet of Things (IoT) projects from pilot to production. The company has developed the first DataOps solution purpose-built to meet the specific requirements of industrial assets, products, and processes at the Edge.



Early adopters of digital transformation recognize that industrial data – or the operations data coming from machines, processes, and products on the plant floor – contains critical insights. More users and systems want access to this data in real-time to convert it into useful information they can act on, e.g. predicting machine failure, preventing downtime, and improving product quality. However, one major issue has slowed progress: The existing data infrastructure cannot support the vision of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).


Raw operations data lacks context, standards, and correlation. And operations data without context is virtually useless to a user in another business function who needs to understand and analyze that data. To address this problem today, many IT and data science teams are spending 80% of their time integrating and preparing data for analysis rather than actually analyzing it.



HighByte has built the first DataOps solution purpose-built for industrial data. HighByte Intelligence Hub software is Edge-native and hardware agnostic. The solution connects to data sources and applications over secure open standards, models this data into useful information, and then manages the flow of this information to all applications that require it. The software application is code-free, secure, and easy to maintain. HighByte Intelligence Hub provides a simple tool for operations to accelerate system integration and scale the use of industrial data throughout the enterprise.