Founded: 2015 | HQ: San Francisco, California, US






Expeto removes the barriers to digital transformation, by providing enterprises with their own private, agile, and scalable cellular (4G/LTE) networks that are deployed globally as easily as WiFi.



Gartner predicts that there will be over 25bn enterprise-owned connected things across the globe by 2020, all requiring advanced network in order to function ubiquitously. Today’s network infrastructure is not properly built for this massive IoT growth; it is complex to scale and has a very high capex and depends on legacy hardware-based technologies. While IoT infrastructure demands for dynamic provisioning with opex budgets for fast scaling and deployment.

Enterprises are now seeking for new solutions that will enable them to granularly track their LTE assets whether it’s in well-connected or remote locations, provide easy scalability options, and gain independence from the carriers. Telcos, are also under immense pressure to find differentiated service revenue and need to focus on providing efficiency on the network spectrum.



Expeto provides a platform for dynamic provisioning of virtual private LTE networks and has developed a scalable approach to telco core network virtualization that can deliver solid enterprise security and granular network management. This allows companies to operate as private virtual network operators (PVNOs) and control cellular data by being able to individually provision private MVNO networks in a scalable manner resulting in cellular connectivity residing behind the corporate firewall.