Founded: 2013 | HQ: Caesarea, Israel





Continual provides Mobile Network Operators and Connected Car/Device manufacturers with a unique toolset for analyzing and improving the connected journey experience by utilizing AI and advanced machine learning.



Connected vehicles and subscribers on the move, including networked devices/assets (IoT), need uninterrupted, superior-quality connectivity across all routes on which they may travel. The requirement is constantly increasing with the development of critical applications such as autonomous driving and advanced logistics solutions tracking asset position and condition in real-time. This presents an ever-growing challenge for mobile network operators as well as car OEM’s and providers of other connected mobility solutions.



Continual’s advanced Mobility Experience Analytics monitors and benchmarks experiences of connected vehicles, IoT, driving- and passenger-subscribers. Continual provides a suite of AI-based solutions that bridges the gap between mobile network evolution and new mobility. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Continual provides MNOs and Connected Car/Device OEMs with advanced analytic capabilities. This solution helps companies evaluate customer/vehicle connectivity experiences by persistently monitoring subscriber data, identifying usage patterns, and providing journey insights. Furthermore, the offering rates and ranks travel routes and provides experience heat maps to help ensure optimal connectivity on roads and railways. Continual’s connectivity solutions suite helps MNOs and OEMs improve the connected journey experience for customers. This enhances mobile subscriber loyalty for network operators and allows them to offer superior services to car OEM’s and industrial clients.