Conservation Labs 

Founded: 2016 | HQ: Brownsville, PA, US



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Conservation Labs is a provider of solutions to monitor water consumption, detect leaks, and provide insights that help customers optimize conservation measures. Their H2know platform combines an easy to install sensor with leading AI-driven analysis software to provide near real-time information on customers’ water consumption.



Water usage: There are over 3 trillion gallons of unwanted water use each year in the U.S. alone, leading to $70 billion of costs and a significant environmental impact. With better insights into water usage, a large part of these costs and environmental damages are entirely avoidable.  

Water damage: Water damage is one of the most costly damage for the insurance industry. In 2019, there were more than $2bn non-weather related water claims. The industry is trying to shift from repair-and-replace strategies to detect-and-prevent solutions. Existing solutions do not provide the right insights to support this shift. 



H2know by Conservation Labs is a smart water monitor solution for leak detection and water conservation. The solution combines a unique clamp-on sensor unit that is attached to the water main and uses an acoustic sensor to determine water flow. Every device (faucet, dish  washer,  toilet,  etc.)  creates  a  unique  sound  signature  that  can  be  identified  by Conservation  Labs’  patented  machine  learning  approach  and  is  translated  into  accurate water flow estimates, leak alerts, and water insights. 

The resulting information is displayed on the H2know app to provide insights into water usage and alerts the customer of problems like leaks and other damages in real-time.  The  combination  of  an  easy  to  install  sensor,  with  a  highly  accurate  real-time  analysis algorithm is a solution for key problems in various industries. Preventing high water bills and costly water damage in the multi-family housing space, prevent loss of business in the restaurant and hospitality business, provide deep insights into water usage for conservation measures across all sectors.