Founded: 2023 | HQ: Walnut Creek, California, US





Composabl is a Walnut Creek-based startup Founded by Microsoft veterans Kence Anderson and Xavier Geerinck, Composabl has developed a production platform that empowers engineers to create intelligent autonomous AI systems to manage complex industrial processes. 



In today's industrial landscape, companies constantly seek ways to enhance operational efficiency, optimize production processes, and adapt to dynamic market demands. The challenge lies in the complexity of industrial operations, where traditional automation and control systems often fail to address modern industries' nuanced and evolving needs. Sometimes, control systems make poor decisions, leaving humans to step in and apply more intelligent control. Industrial engineers are faced with the daunting task of streamlining processes that combine human decision-making with industrial control systems to minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and ensure safety and compliance.    


Recent AI innovations often marginalize expert process engineers who design and operate industrial systems. The resulting solutions neglect the real-life nuances and human expertise required to succeed in production environments. 



Composabl's innovative solution represents a paradigm shift in industrial automation by empowering engineers with the tools to build intelligent autonomous agents to emulate human-like decision-making and orchestrate industrial automation systems. Composabl is pioneering the field of “Agent Engineering.”   

Through Composabl's platform, engineers can leverage AI to capture and replicate expert operator skills, automate complex tasks, and make high-value decisions. By utilizing no-code tools and the Machine Teaching methodology, engineers can create AI systems tailored to their specific industrial challenges, ultimately driving operational excellence and innovation.  


The resulting Intelligent Agents are engineered artifacts that can address nuanced, fuzzy, real-world problems that supersede the capabilities of existing industrial automation.  


Why it matters

Composabl's strategic significance lies in its ability to democratize AI in the industrial sector, enabling a broader group of organizations to harness the power of intelligent automation. By providing engineers with the means to build AI systems that solve high-value industrial problems, Composabl is poised to revolutionize industrial processes, drive efficiency, and unlock new productivity levels. This addresses the immediate needs of industrial customers and sets the stage for a transformative shift in how industries approach automation and control systems.  


Recent buzz has been associated with tech giants and startups pursuing Large Language Model (LLM) based agents.  In contrast to that approach, Composabl’s platform is tailored to creating agents for industrial automation and control, focusing on tasks such as process control, predictive maintenance, and autonomous decision-making within manufacturing and logistics. Composabl agents are designed to optimize processes and manage complex control tasks within industrial environments, catering to the specific needs of industrial applications. In contrast, LLM-based intelligent agents excel in natural language understanding, text generation, and conversational tasks, commonly used in applications related to natural language processing, virtual assistants, and language translation services. They primarily focus on human language and text-based data tasks rather than industrial automation and control. 


Composabl exploits the strength of LLMs to help engineers with their cold-start design challenge.  How do you start if you’ve never created an intelligent autonomous AI?  How do you teach a machine?  To help with this situation, Composabl provides a design co-pilot who is an expert regarding industrial use cases, design patterns, and the methodology the company developed for creating industrial autonomous AI systems.  See: Designing Autonomous AI  


As the world's leading venture industrialist, Momenta's investment in Composabl underscores our commitment to advancing intelligent automation in the industrial domain, paving the way for a smarter, more efficient, and more human-centric industrial future.