Founded: 2014 | HQ:Milpitas, California, US





Cloudleaf is a provider of digital supply-chain solutions. Their platform combines IoT, AI/ML and an advanced analytics platform to deliver real-time insights into supply-chain operations. The company provides end-to-end solutions from sensor through gateways and cloud to analytics and insights.



Current supply chain solutions are very fragmented and focus on siloed data. New technologies to track position and measure factors like temperature, humidity, vibrations, etc. are entering into the market. However, lack of integration between these siloes makes it difficult to know in real time where critical materials are during every step of the supply chain, what the condition of goods is and when/if thresholds for elements like temperature, humidity, vibration, etc are out of variance.



The Cloudleaf Digital Visibility Platform (DVP) provides continuous visibility into the supply chain. The platform can collect and process data in real time from a large variety of sources (more than 400 API’s) including edge sensors to eliminate data silos.


Starting at the edge, Cloudleaf’s Sensor Fabric works with both existing devices and future IoT devices generating a digital fingerprint with location and other contextual data for assets while they are indoor or in transit. Information is then routed through and processed by the Digital Visibility Platform, creating a digital twin of the supply chain that allows customers real-time visibility into their supply chain as well as the opportunity for efficient scenario planning.


Fully deployed, Cloudleaf’s solution provides insights from raw materials to finished goods inventory to final delivery to customers.