Chem Tech

Founded: 2017 | HQ: New York, New York, US





Chemtech AI is a provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based productivity solutions to automate complex continuous manufacturing processes in the petrochemical, food and cosmetics industry.



Petrochemical, food, and cosmetics processes involve highly complex machinery with hundreds of parameters, valves, etc. Companies are losing a lot of money every year due to low product quality, low capacity utilization, and operator mistakes. Human operators don’t have the capacity to constantly monitor and optimize the large number of parameters involved in process steps such as distillation.



ChemTech AI combined thermodynamic and statistical modelling with deep process experience to develop an AI based solution that assist operators in running and optimizing processing plants. The company offers two advanced solutions: AI Operator and ChemTab AI. Together, these solutions create and optimize a digital twin of complex continuous manufacturing processes. These processes involve monitoring hundreds of parameters to optimize product quality and maximize output.


Using AI Operator, ChemTech AI customers can monitor and automate their processes, increasing output and reducing the risk of human errors. Outcomes can be improved even further by leveraging ChemTab AI which analyzes past operations data to create a thermodynamic ‘digital twin’ model of the process. ChemTab AI enables customers to predict outcomes of their processes by testing various parameters and simulating the impact across product quality and equipment utilization, providing a prediction of the process outcomes 15 to 30 minutes in the future.