Investment Strategies for Digital Industry


How to invest and scale a business in Digital Industry

Digital Industry startups are different from Digital startups and thus require different investment approaches and value creation efforts. Industrial use cases need to straddle the demands of legacy operational technologies, business models, and practices while embracing leading-edge technology. Smart money in Digital Industry needs to scale startups from ideation to exit using distinct skills and specialized industrial knowledge on top of foundational financial and entrepreneurial capabilities.

In this webinar, the Momenta team shares insights and practitioners’ perspectives on funding Digital Industry startups, the value-added roles that “smart money” plays in guiding, scaling, and accelerating the business-critical lessons from successful investment exits.

This webinar is meant for anyone interested in Digital Industry funding:  startups, investors and strategic digital leaders.


What you will learn during this webinar:

  • What are the important investment themes in Digital Industry?
  • How do Digital Industry investments differ from other tech venture investments?
  • What is an ecosystem investment?
  • What value do investors bring to a scaling business?
  • What is the trajectory of a successful digital industry investment from seed through exit?


Webinar Speakers


Ken Forster

Executive Director -
Momenta Ventures


Stephen Berard

Principal Partner / CTO -
Momenta Ventures


Ben Steven

Principal Partner -
Momenta Ventures


Ryan McManus

Strategy Partner -
Momenta Ventures


Lee Carter

Principal Partner -
Momenta Ventures

Watch the webinar recording: