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With the explosion of Internet connected devices that help us make sense of our world through data collection and analytics, we are seeing a distributed model emerge with the rise of intelligent edge and mobile edge computing. Since intelligent edge platforms operate closer to the network edge, and closer to things and data sources, they require the integration of network, storage, and application capabilities.

Momenta Partners and guests take a deeper look at the emergence of intelligent edge, mobile edge, and fog computing and the challenges to solve the pain points of IoT data. This webinar takes a thoughtful and engaging look at the current state of fog and intelligent computing with industry experts sharing real-life examples. It forecasts a future where edge-cloud hybrids or data hives can provide greater analytics and value-add across industries more than ever before.

This webinar is for anyone desiring to learn what comes next in the IoT 3.0 innovation space and to explore the most common use cases.


What you will learn during this webinar:

  • Current state of fog and intelligent edge computing
  • Real-life use case examples and analysis from IoT 3.0 practitioners
  • The consequences for cloud computing

Webinar Speakers

webinar_speakers_Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson

Edge Computing Industry Expert


Jon Sobel

CEO & Founder - Sight Machine


Vatsal Shah

CEO & Founder - Litmus Automation

webinar_speakers_Jim Fletcher

Jim Fletcher

Strategy Partner - Momenta

Watch the webinar recording: