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About Us

As a convergence of digital forces redefines industry, we believe it is critical to have a broad and practitioner-grounded perspective and services for this ecosystem as a whole.

About Us

We see three primary technology waves: IoT, Analytics and Blockchain redefining boundaries of IT and OT, bringing about the virtualizing of traditional operating technology systems, and blurring the line between products, services and solutions. We believe this digital convergence requires an equally multi-faceted perspective and practice – which is why we designed Momenta Partners.

Our Mission

Momenta was founded by deep practitioners in Digital Industry to be Growth Partners, not simply academics or consultants. We designed our practices to seamlessly drive long-term value from concept to culmination, startup to exit and along full solution stack. From this deep practitioner perspective, we drive our industry-leading research, advisory, executive search and ventures practices, all hyper-focused on Digital Industry, in every region of the world.

Get to know us better

We advise on Digital Industry strategies, operations and technologies to activate and accelerate enterprise value.