Learn how to unlock the potential of IoT for your Business


Predictive Maintenance promises to unlock massive savings, efficiency gains and growth opportunities by applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Connected Industry. Based on our recent white paper Realizing the Opportunity in Predictive Maintenance (Pd.M.) Analytics we discovered that despite the compelling economic benefits, initial implementation is proving more difficult than expected. As analytics get commoditized, true value will emerge where companies can combine data and rules to drive business decisions.

What does preventative maintenance mean? This webinar explores insights into the current state of the market, key demand drivers, technology catalysts and opportunities for Predictive Maintenance. Join us as we present a market landscape overview of key players and distinctive predictive maintenance examples.

This webinar is for anyone who wants to know more about predictive maintenance and the most common obstacles, adoption scenarios and success factors across industrial IoT.


What you will learn during this webinar:

  • What does predictive maintenance mean?
  • Insights about the current state of the market and the future of predictive maintenance key demand drivers
  • Technology catalysts and opportunities for predictive maintenance


Webinar Speakers


Ed Maguire

Insights Partner - Momenta


Luca Mazzei

Venture Partner - Momenta


Dweep Chanana

Principal Partner - Momenta


Jonathan Cooper

Head of Business Development -  Augury

Watch the webinar recording: