What is the best IoT platform for your business?

Platforms have transformed into enterprise technologies. Platforms are incredibly powerful, and we have seen a huge shift in the largest market cap companies in the world over the last several decades. When we apply this to the IoT market it is a more focused lens that is forecasted to grow 14% by 2022.

We discuss the key characteristics, capabilities, advantages, challenges, and considerations involved with choosing and implementing IoT platforms.

This webinar is for anyone desiring to understand the growth trends in IoT platforms and how to best differentiate and evaluate providers and solution stacks.

What you will learn during this webinar:

  • IoT platform definition
  • How platforms create value
  • Dynamics of the IoT platform market
  • IoT platforms: strategies and use cases
  • IoT platform market

Webinar Speakers


Ken Forster

Managing Director, Momenta


Jesse DeMesa

Former CTO GE - Predix

webinar_speakers_Jim Fletcher

Jim Fletcher

Former CTO IBM - Watson IoT

Watch the webinar recording: