Overview of why IoT is important for manufacturing, and the tools and technologies that will empower the factories of the future!

Executive Summary:

Manufacturing powers trillions of dollars worth of economic activity around the globe, and the adoption of Connected Industry solutions promises to generate hundreds of billions of dollars of incremental value. It’s not always simple to adopt the latest and greatest technologies; however, because capital equipment replacement cycles may last decades, and industrial automation technologies and protocols are often proprietary and closed, new digital innovations need to co-exist and integrate with existing systems. As a result, the processes involved with digital transformation are not as simple as upgrading equipment, and they require careful assessment and planning to ensure success. Most important for decision makers is the financial rationale needed for critical decision making before big technological investments and how to build a compelling case.  

Key Topics:

  • IoT & Manufacturing today
  • Fundamental IoT in Manufacturing 
  • IoT use cases in manufacturing
  • IoT Investment for manufacturing
  • How Momenta can help you succeed

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