Simplify the panoply of communication options at hand and make sense of the different protocols in the top three IoT verticals 

Executive Summary:

Over the past five years, the term Internet of Things, or simply IoT, has been added to technology’s list of acronyms. In simple terms, IoT refers to devices connected to the internet to transmit data.  What are the origins of IoT and what is in store for the future?

We look at the top three verticals for IoT - manufacturing, transportation and utilities – and explore how IoT creates value in multi-dimensional ways. We also outline a taxonomy of different types of hardware – devices, modules and sensors – as well as the different software platforms needed to deploy IoT applications. Lastly, we provide a brief overview of some key types of IoT use cases, including HVAC monitoring, internet backup for retail locations, fleet management and digital signage. Introduction to IoT helps clarify the differences, strengths and ideal use cases for the wide range of connectivity technologies, and the potential value that can be created leveraging the best technology for the appropriate problem. 

Key Topics:

  • Three driving industries
  • IoT Connectivity evolution
  • Cellular & LPWAN
  • Hardware and Platforms
  • The Value of IoT 
  • Applied Use Cases

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