Jul 31, 2019 | 7 min read

Top 3 Podcasts for the Venture Industrialist

While traditional venture capital has shied away from industrial applications and hardware, there’s been a rise of a new class of venture investors: the venture industrialist.

In preparation for our upcoming webinar on August 29th "Venture  Industrialist: Investment Strategies for Connected Industry", we have put together a curated list of podcasts, featuring expert interviews with leading practitioners and thinkers across Connected Industry and the technology landscape. 

Tune in to hear more about venture perspectives in Connected Industry and Industrial IoT. 


Mike Dolbec is Executive Managing Director of GE Ventures and in this episode of the podcast, we cover his background, beginning with his work at the legendary Xerox PARC, the origins of his venture investing career, and observations on recurring patterns in the technology industry. He also provides an overview of the distinctions between traditional IT and Industrial IoT technologies, providing insights into the differences that entrepreneurs and investors need to take into account when selling tech to industrial customers.

WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN: He discusses investing in emerging technology and where the evolution has been in the market. He also touches on edge computing and highlights some interesting companies involved in industrial and oil and gas startups.  Listen here.


#38_podcast_David_MountIn our conversation with David Mount, partner at the VC firm G2VP, he shares some of his experiences working with companies in the energy and industrial sector. He discusses some of the unique characteristics that lead to success, the interactions with key customers, and the need for VCs to adjust their perspective to customer success when working in the industrial sector.

WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN: David goes into depth comparing and contrasting how and why some industries have moved faster and been more successful in digitalization. He also points out the potential of AI and some notable startups in the space to take notice of. Listen here.


#41_podcast_Rumi_Morales_OutlierVenturesrRumi Morales is a Partner at Outlier Ventures, an investment firm focused on early-stage companies with an investment horizon of 10-20 years driven by an investment thesis focused on the convergence of AI, Blockchain, and IoT. Our conversation covers her experience surviving the Asian Financial crisis, the burst of the dot. coms, and the global financial crisis - and how lessons from those experiences helped shape her views. She shares her experience navigating the digital disruption in trading and the appeal of AI and blockchain technologies in financial markets.

WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN: Rumi shares her knowledge on emerging technologies and some promising use cases around blockchain. She also shares the first-hand experience in managing venture investments at CME Group. Listen here.


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