Oct 5, 2021 | 4 min read

FREE AIoT Playbook

The AIoT Playbook

Momenta is proud to have been a contributor to The AIoT Playbook, which just been released by BOSCH and is now available for download.

Combining #AI and #IoT will allow companies to build truly smart, connected products and solutions.

For manufacturers and operators of physical assets, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial intelligence (AI) are key pillars of digital transformation. 

To help accelerate digital business growth, experts and specialists from Bosch and other companies joined forces to compile The AIoT Playbook. The objective of the playbook is to provide guidance and a solid practices framework for the execution and delivery of AIoT-enabled products and solutions.

Momenta focused on the role of the AIoT ecosystem in incubating and scaling innovation, what we call 'co-creation'. We were pleased to be part of a great set of contributors from industry:


AIoT Playbook Download the AIoT Playbook 


The AIoT Playbook aims to support a holistic and realistic approach for creating and operating AIoT- enabled products and solutions, including:

  • AIoT 101: Common language and understanding of key concepts
  • Business Strategy: What is a suitable strategy for AIoT-enabled products and services?
  • Business Execution: How to execute AIoT initiatives from the business side?
  • Technical Execution: How to execute AIoT initiatives from the technology side?


If you like to learn more about this topic listen to Momenta's podcast no. 157 "AIoT Ecosystem" a conversation with Dirk Slama, Vice President of Co-Innovation and IT/ IoT alliances at Robert Bosch Group, and Conference Chair of the Bosch Connected World. 


During this conversation, Dirk speaks about:

  • Bosch’s transformation, and how it leads up to AIoT?
  • What the inspiration for the AIoT user group was.
  • What people can expect from the AIoT Playbook
  • The AIoT course that was developed in partnership with Udacity?



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