May 15, 2020 | 2 min read

Webinar #20

Digital Industry M&A - Bringing Clarity to Chaos

M&A is increasingly critical in the Digital Industry market and is the primary way fast-followers who face disruption can react before they lose market share and profitability. However, identifying the right acquisition strategy in a rapidly changing market requires much more than choosing a company from a landscape diagram of logos. Even with a crisp strategy, how do you identify value drivers and create a clear integration plan for success? 


During this webinar, we discussed:

  • M&A trends in the Digital Industry 
  • How M&A ensures you aren’t left behind in a growing market and can leap-frog the competition
  • How do you tell the difference between a good and a bad M&A strategy? 
  • Why conventional M&A via Investment Bankers won’t work at this stage of the market? 
  • How to identify the right targets in a dynamic and immature market
  • How to ensure success in an M&A transaction from discovery to post-deal optimization? 

Webinar recording



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