Nov 19, 2019 | 3 min read

Pulse Check: Digital Industry in October 2019

The Momenta Pulse Check series highlights recent developments in Digital Industry. Pulse Checks are designed to help you keep track of the rapidly changing and growing global Digital Industry. Our weekly Pulse Checks delve into one of four categories: Digital Industry, Emerging Technology, Talent and Ventures. In this week’s Pulse Check, we have highlighted recent developments pertaining to Digital Industry.


As the year plunges headlong into October, activity continues to be vibrant as businesses seek to adopt connected technologies to drive insights, opportunities, operational efficiencies and risk reduction. The US economy remains steady despite concerns over slowdowns in Europe and Asia and the ongoing tariff disputes. A measure of the firmer footing of the broader markets is that the broader positive sentiment did not deteriorate at all following the recent valuation collapse of highly valued “unicorns” such as WeWork, and disappointing performance of recently public companies such as Peloton and Lyft suggest that the frothy days for money-losing growth companies may be coming to an end. 

The value of data remains a critical to current corporate priorities. A recent survey of over 500 Business Intelligence and Analytics professionals sponsored by MicroStrategy found that 94% of enterprises say data and analytics are important to their business growth and digital transformation, with 65% of global enterprises planning to increase their analytics spending in 2020. The survey found that cloud computing, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning are expected to have the greatest impact on enterprises’ analytics initiatives over the next five years.

Intelligence is increasingly embedded into daily life and business – not just in public spaces such as retail and transportation, but also in homes, workplaces, industrial facilities and entertainment venues. According to a new market report from Transparency Market Research the global location-based ambient intelligence market is forecast to grow at a 21% CAGR to reach approximately $497 billion by 2027.   

Connectivity advances continue to fuel innovation in Digital Industry. A new report from the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) and the LoRa Alliance, Wi-Fi & LoRaWAN Deployment Synergies: Expanding Addressable Use Cases for the Internet of Things illustrates how a combination of Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN can open up a variety of new internet-of-things (IoT) use cases, enabling mobile operators, enterprises, cities and other IoT players to create new value combining these connectivity technologies. 5G is gaining ground as well: Huawei’s Ryan Ding in a recent keynote noted that that in just one year, standards, spectrum, and devices have all become 5G-ready. Huawei has won more than 60 5G contracts and shipped over 400,000 5G active antenna units (AAUs). Currently, 56 carriers around the world have built 5G networks with 40 carriers launching 5G services.



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