May 30, 2018 | 2 min read

Momenta Edge Podcast Can Now be Heard on iTunes

Due to repeated requests, we've now made our popular podcast series available on iTunes for your listening pleasure. Whether you've seeking a distraction whilst driving to work, going for a run, making dinner or pretending to listen during a long staff meeting, we have the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy fantastic conversations with leading connected industry practitioners from different sectors, industries, companies and experiences.


Why you should listen to our podcast:

1) Deep dive content about topical issues hosted by Momenta Insight Partner 'Edge' Maguire

2) New perspectives - not just rehashing tired statistics and research

3) Guests that are industry specialists that you'll actually want to listen to 

4) Easily digestable content that you can listen to anywhere and at any time: walking the dog, waiting for a bus, multi-tasking in a boring meeting etc. 

5) Lively discussion and debate that includes people that don't always agree with each other



We'll notify you weekly about new podcast episodes, upcoming guests, and news. You can subscribe to the podcast and if you'd like to be considered to appear on the podcast contact us.