We invite you to watch this webinar based on a Momenta survey to gain insights from those undertaking Digital Transformation


It can be difficult to quantify the impact of digital initiatives, measure the progress, and determine success.

Momenta sought to find out how companies are currently faring by launching our first digital transformation benchmarking survey to understand how global corporations are responding to digitalization. We reviewed 125 responses and compiled the most important takeaways. We shared some fascinating insights into the practices of a range of top tier companies as well as some of the key challenges and lessons learned.

This webinar is for anyone wanting to gain critical insights from those undertaking digital transformation.


What you will learn during this webinar:

  • The key drivers of digitalization
  • How digitalization strategies differ within and across industries
  • The greatest hurdles/obstacles organizations face
  • What separates companies across varied stages of digitalization project execution
  • Organizational models for effective digital transformation across business units

Webinar Speakers


Ed Maguire

Insights Partner, Momenta


Vikram Capoor

Partner, Momenta

Watch the webinar recording: