Join us as we highlight the 2019 Predictions in the Digital Industry


Stay educated by learning about what 2019 holds for the digital industry including the most important trends, predictions, and themes to explore.

We highlight 9 essential themes with a unique panel of 9 of Momenta's practitioner experts! This special presentation highlights the most relevant topics related to Connected Industry and Digital Transformation including the state of the market and outlook for 2019.

This webinar is for anyone wanting to get ahead of the curve in the Digital industry.


What you will learn during this webinar:

  • IoT Morphs into Digitalization
  • Hype to Value: AI/Machine Learning
  • Edge Computing in business at the Center of Innovation
  • Energy at the Edge
  • Autonomous Vehicles at our Door
  • Smart(er) Spaces Changing our World
  • The Low Power Revolution of Unpowered Assets
  • Emerging Technologies Ease into the Mainstream
  • The Rise of the CDO (Chief Digital Officer)

Webinar Speakers


Ken Forster

Managing Director, Momenta


Ed Maguire

Insights Partner, Momenta


Vikram Capoor

Partner, Momenta


Jesse DeMesa

Insights Partner, Momenta


Paige Carratturo

Partner, Momenta


Stephen Berard

Strategy Partner, Momenta


Wim D’Hondt

Strategy Partner, Momenta

webinar_speakers_Jim Fletcher

Jim Fletcher

Strategy Partner, Momenta

Watch the webinar recording: