Discover global M&A trends and how to navigate your industrial M&A strategy

M&A strategy is becoming increasingly critical across the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Digital Industry markets especially as a primary method of retaining market share and profitability.

Identifying the right acquisition strategy in a rapidly changing market requires much more than choosing a company from a market landscape diagram of logos. How does a company in energy, manufacturing, industrial, transportation or logistics find the right targets that leverage their “crown jewels” and their “opportunity to win”? Even with a crisp strategy, how do you develop the right M&A strategy framework to identify value drivers and create a clear integration plan for success?

This webinar is for digital leaders seeking to navigate IoT M&A trends and develop their industrial digital M&A strategy, one that resonates with the right target audiences and drives success.


What you will learn during this webinar:

  • M&A trends in the Digital Industry
  • How M&A ensures you are not left behind in a growing market
  • How M&A enables the ability to leap-frog the competition
  • Recognize the difference between a good and bad digital M&A strategy
  • Understand why conventional M&A will not work given global M&A trends
  • Identify the right targets in a dynamic and immature market
  • Ensure digital M&A success from discovery to post-deal optimization

Webinar Speakers


Doug Harp

Managing Partner - Momenta


Bill O'Such

Principal Partner - Momenta


Ben Tao

Strategy Partner - Momenta


Stefan Hofmeyer

Partner - Global PMI Partners

Watch the webinar recording: