We take a critical look at the current industry landscape and the use of blockchain technology in IoT applications


Over the last few years, the blockchain has emerged as a modern technology that has been met with equal parts acclaim and skepticism. The revolutionary aspect of the blockchain industry applications is focused on decentralization, which means that secure peer-to-peer transactions can be conducted over networks without an intermediary.

In this webinar, a series of experts at the forefront of this innovative technology take a critical look at how current industries using blockchain technology are finding success across IoT applications. We provide an overview of IOTA technology, which was developed to provide speed and scalability necessary to support industrial IoT use cases.

This webinar is for anyone desiring to understand both current blockchain industry applications and the future scope of blockchain technology.


What you will learn during this webinar:

  • What is blockchain and how does it work?
  • Current state of the blockchain market
  • Case studies of industries using blockchain technology
  • Overview of IOTA technology and how it supports IIoT use cases


Webinar Speakers


Ed Maguire

Insights Partner - Momenta


James Haft

CEO - ClimateCoin and Founder of PALcapital


Andre De Castro

CEO & Founder - Blockchain of Things


Kevin R. Chen

Evangelist - IOTA Foundation

Watch the webinar recording: