Digital Industry Advisory Partner 

We help Enterprises and Private Equity (PE) firms achieve their digital potential; accelerate their time to value; and create sustainable value from organic and inorganic digital strategy and execution.  

In addition to our comprehensive engagements in digital strategy, execution and M&A, we offer four value acceleration programs, each delivered over a 2-week period providing significant value and actionable outcomes.


Digital Industry Strategy

Our deep industry and operational experience enables us to deliver connected offerings for industrial markets through all phases of digitalization.


Digital Opportunity Workshop 

We work with your team to define actionable digital opportunities with specific business models and offerings, develop an inventory of key capabilities and challenges, and form a plan for management approval and organization buy-in. The result is a digital opportunity playbook to deliver sustainable success. 


Digital Industry Initiatives Diagnostic 

Are your digital initiatives delivering results? With the goal to improve results, we review one or two digital initiatives, engage key stakeholders, assess capabilities and outcomes. As a result, we provide a report with directional guidance and specific opportunities to accelerate your digital programs. 



Digital Industry M&A

Our team’s deep market, product and technology expertise allows us to pinpoint where digital really matters. 


Digital Industry Portfolio Health Check

We review specific portfolio companies impacted by the current situation and provide an initial view on pivots, accelerations, retrenching, growth opportunities and potential M&A synergistic tuck-ins to achieve your investment goals.  


Identifying Where Digital Matters

Are you unsure where to invest in Connected Industry? For your identified target area, we review your investment objectives and guardrails, then develop and discuss Momenta’s digital Point-of-View including broad market dynamics, market maturity, digitally-driven disruptions and representative M&A targets to refine your deal thesis. 



Please reach out to discuss or schedule one of these programs at your convenience.

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