This White Paper demonstrates the possible mistakes that might happen when entering the emerging market into the U.S. and the possible solutions using use case examples. 

Executive Summary:

The United States is the biggest single marketing in the world for technology. While other countries like China and India have larger populations, there's no other country that offers the combination of attractive factors - a single language and culture, established contract law, stable currency, decent infrastructure and above all, sophisticated customers with money to spend.

While the benefits of an American market presence are significant, there are numerous challenges that must be addressed when planning a successful launch. This may include under-investing in resources, funding constraints, governmental regulations, culture, location, unrealistic expectations and more. Too many arrive with ambitious plans only to leave in a short year or two after failing to make ends meet without ever fully understanding the market.

Key Topics:

  • Common mistakes companies make when entering the U.S. market
  • The implications, challenges and risks at hand
  • How to be proactive in your planning
  • Best practices for success
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