Learn about the rise of the new venture industrialist and best investment strategies and portfolio management based on insights and perspectives in the connected industry.

The digital transformation of industry is creating significant investment strategies and opportunities with millions of devices connected to the internet for the purpose of collecting data, tracking usage, monitoring functionality, automating, and optimizing systems and processes. While traditional venture capital has shied away from industrial applications and hardware, there has been a rise of a new class of venture investors: the venture industrialist.

In this webinar, our Momenta Ventures team shared their insights and best investment strategies examples for investing in Connected Industry, understanding the market, trends, and risks.

This webinar is for ANYONE seeking insights on investing in Connected Industry.



What you will learn during this webinar:

  • What is Connected Industry?
  • How do Connected Industry investment strategies differ from traditional venture investment strategies?
  • Momenta’s Connected Industry investment strategies and portfolio management themes
  • Momenta’s investment strategies examples and criteria
  • Q&A; ask our practitioners your burning questions about how to become a venture industrialist

Webinar Speakers


Ken Forster

Managing Director, Momenta
Webinar Host


Stephen Berard

CTO, Momenta


Ben Steven

Principal, Momenta


Lee Carter

Principal, Momenta

Watch the webinar recording: