Based on the keen interest of the audience, we have compiled an in-depth research note on the four predictions that were discussed by our experts during our 2020 Predictions webinar that took place earlier this month, for review of the webinar please click here.



Momentas’ 2020 predictions reflect what we already see happening in the market and what we expect to continue. The industrial and infrastructure worlds are still in the early stages of digital transformation – particularly in comparison to other sectors such as retail and finance – but this is not a reason for complacency. The technology to support our predictions already exists and organizations can, and should, act now. Significant obstacles remain and we have extensively elaborated on these and included concise recommendations for how they can be addressed.


In addition to our specific and actionable predictions described below, we predict another certainty: By the end of the 20s, none of us will recognize the industrial world nor will we have predicted all of its manifestations.



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  • Our top predictions for 2020
  • Recommendations for success
  • In depth discussion per each prediction


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