Dec 16, 2020 | 4 min read

Momenta Ventures invests in Nubix - Development of Edge Applications

Momenta invests in Nubix – a game changer in the development of edge applications.

Momenta Ventures is excited to announce our investment in Nubix' $2.7m seed round. We are investing alongside lead investor Tuscan Management, strategic investor Chevron Technology Ventures and other returning and new investors.

Nubix has developed a real-time operating system (RTOS) that massively simplifies the development and maintenance of IoT and other edge solutions.

The explosive growth of connected and active IoT devices drives new challenges for developers and manufacturers. Analyzing data in the cloud or near the edge is not enough. Edge devices need additional analytics capabilities to provide actionable insights at the data signal level. This requires more compute capabilities, AI, and analytics at the device level, coming with additional challenges including regular firmware updates, etc.

Nubix’ technology provides a better and more scalable edge device software architecture. The architecture helps to break up the currently monolithic structure of Firmware and Analytics for edge devices. Nubix provides an architecture that separates the basic firmware from the software/services that the edge device performs and allows deployment of application logic independently of the core operating system.

“Businesses worldwide are investing in digital transformation initiatives with IoT-based solutions. Our unique innovation in container and services technology enables unprecedented agility and safety when building, deploying and managing applications at the edge. We’re delivering on digital transformation’s requirements for agile compute at the edge, empowering organizations to analyze data in real-time where the data is actually created,” said Rachel Taylor, Nubix co-founder and CEO. “We couldn't be happier about Momenta being involved at this stage. They have transcended the typical investor relationship into what has become a true thought partner on everything from strategy to implementation"

Momenta’s Ben Steven: “We are very excited to support Nubix in their journey. The technology is a unique solution that solves one of the most complex systems in the digital transformation at the edge. The Nubix team is a great group of entrepreneurs and technicians and we are extremely happy to welcome them to the Momenta Family.”

About Nubix:

Nubix tiny containers and tiny services change how businesses think about IoT development. The develop once, deploy anywhere capability and container-based deployment put the focus on building functionality, not hardware and legacy firmware issues that are barriers to IoT success. Microcontainer technology enables containerized applications to be safely distributed to devices and executed by the container runtime. The application logic can be updated and redeployed without any updates or changes to the container OS, enabling smaller, faster and less risky updates. For more information, visit

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