Mar 31, 2020 | 8 min read

Momenta Ventures Invests in Mutable, Public Edge Cloud

Momenta Ventures is pleased to announce another investment in Mutable, a pioneer in Public Edge Cloud technology. 

Mutable has developed a revolutionary technology that connects local/regional micro data centers to provide compute capacity at the edge of the network. The company works with ISP’s and owners of micro data-centers and allows them to utilize the excess capacity in their local and regional infrastructure. 

With the emergence of 5G networks a new generation of IoT device use cases will fundamentally change the way humans interact with technology: from telemedicine to AI-driven autonomous vehicles, and everything in between. The Mutable technology supports these use cases by providing a flexible, reliable and low latency compute resource.  

Momenta has been an early supporter of Mutable investing with Acequia Capital and Charlie Songhurst. 

The funds from the Seed Round will be used to further develop Mutable's public edge cloud, add staff to their product and business development teams and expand the company’s reach into new markets and regions as edge computing continues to grow. Mutable has already welcomed four new hires and is currently in the process of hiring more engineers and business development professionals. 

The successful funding also permits Mutable to launch the Mutable Marketplace, a platform for vendors with edge solutions to facilitate product demonstrations and turnkey deployment directly to some of the largest cable and telecom operators through the Mutable Cloud. 

According to Ben Steven, Principal at Momenta: We see edge computing as one of the key building blocks for the digital transformation of industry. Mutable’s technologies provide reliable and safe compute capacity at the edge while making it easy for developers to deploy their solutions on the Mutable Cloud. We are excited to invest in a technology that can drive the development and adoption of digital industry technology and a great team that shares our vision as Venture Industrialists.  

Antonio 'Pelle' Pellegrino, CEO of Mutable states: “Momenta isn't like everyone else, they aren't followers. They see and believe what will be next and take big bets. Momenta's tech focused team also make valuable connections, both with hires and customers that can lift the company up. They act on what will move the industry forward and build a more connected world. 

Momenta interviewed 'Pelle' in our 80th podcast recently.


About Mutable: 

Mutable is creating a public edge cloud that delivers faster internet and better quality of service for customers by acting as an Airbnb of servers. Mutable works with operators to turn their edge capabilities into a competitive advantage against “hyper scalers” by reducing latency, boosting security and increasing bandwidth for their assets while securing new revenue streams. Mutable is a Techstars and UpRramp alumni company. 



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