Apr 12, 2021 | 4 min read

April 14

IoT Hub Meetup with Lee Carter

Join Lee Carter, Principal Partner of Momenta at the “Funding for IoT & Industrial Startups” event, presented by the IoT Hub Meetup, this Wednesday, April 14th @ 4 PM PT.  
During this live event, Lee will be sharing his and Momenta’s lessons learned from their past and existing investments in Industrial startups. Lee will also share his perspective on the current state of funding and what the future holds for the industrial startup ecosystem. 

Venture Industrialist: Funding for Industrial Startups 

Find out what it takes to fund Digital Industry startups, why it takes more capital and patience for industrial startups to go from idea to exit  - compared to other digital startups.

Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0  startups targeting industrial use cases span the entire technology stack - Hardware, Connectivity, and Applications. Industrial startups have to navigate century-old industries’ cultural, operational, and regulatory needs; machines in many industries have long replacement cycles with varying connectivity levels. Each industry has its own unique and stringent operational and regulatory requirements requiring specialist knowledge and skills.

The increased funding and time needs of industrial startups have created a new venture capital firm focused on industrial startups: The Venture Industrialist. Unlike traditional VCs, many of whom shy away from industrial startups, VIs have deep industry knowledge, combined with digital experience, and, notably, the patience and capital to support industrial startups from idea to exit. 






Lee Carter is Principal Partner at Momenta.  He is a venture and startup professional with experience investing in remote connectivity, edge technologies & applications, distributed energy, mobile payments, and blockchain technology. Lee was most recently Principal at Reflective Ventures where he was responsible for full-lifecycle investing in early-stage companies. He also has a wealth of experience in operational roles.

About Momenta

Momenta is the leading digital industry venture capital firm accelerating digital innovators across energy, manufacturing, smart spaces and supply chain. Momenta invests in early-stage digital industry companies.



To schedule time to meet with Lee and learn more about Momenta Ventures, please feel free to contact us.