Mar 8, 2019 | 2 min read

Momenta Partners Welcomes Ben Steven, Associate Partner, San Francisco

Momenta Partners, the leading global Advisory, Talent and Ventures firm focused on Connected Industry is pleased to announce the appointment of Ben Steven, Associate Partner to the Momenta Ventures team.

Ben Steven comes to Momenta with a breadth of knowledge and a deep practitioner background in the manufacturing industry, finance and investments.

Prior to coming to San Francisco, Ben has been an entrepreneur as well as successful investor. He started his career in financial services at ABP, one of the largest actively managed pension funds globally. At ABP he managed a €1bn portfolio of investments in the technology sector before becoming Co-Owner and Co-CEO at Steven GmbH & Co., an industrial manufacturing company. At Steven, he worked with manufacturing businesses worldwide on solving production technology problems and on product development.

Most recently, he has worked at Venture University, a multi-stage venture capital fund and trade school. At VU, Ben was involved in venture deals in high tech, consumer, fintech, healthcare and impact startups. At the same time, he has supported two Silicon Valley based companies as fractional CFO.

Ben holds a Master’s Degree in Economics and International Management from Maastricht University.

According to Managing Director Ken Forster, "We are proud of our deep practitioner heritage, finding key people who are operators first, then investors, advisors or talent professionals. Ben is a great example of this in action, and we’re pleased to have him as part of our Momenta team."

Ben states, “I am very excited to join the team at Momenta Partners, a unique opportunity to join with experts in Connected Industry who bring significantly more value to portfolio companies than traditional investment firms.”



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