Nov 1, 2019
| 3 min read

November 5 - 6

Meet Strategy Partner Jim Fletcher at DCD Brazil

On November 5th and 6th, DCD>Brazil will be taking place in Sao Paulo and we invite you to meet with Momenta Strategy Partner Jim Fletcher. DCD>Brazil is the premier annual data center and cloud infrastructure event in Brazil, South America’s largest country. The 11th annual conference will enable attendees to immerse themselves in the digital infrastructure ecosystem.

DCD>Brazil explores the need for economic transformation that is driven by smart technologies and digital adoption. Today, hyper-scale players and international companies are actively investing in Brazil and the country is experiencing its second major digital infrastructure investment wave with investing demand continuing to outpace opportunity supply.

DCD>Brazil will host more than 1,200 attendees and over 80 speakers. The conference will focus on five different topics: Digital Transformation & Data Center Edge, Energy Smart Infrastructure, Modernization & Lifecycle Management, Planning for Hybrid IT, and Energy Smart & Sustainable Infrastructure. DCD>Brazil will also be providing 20 hours exclusively dedicated to networking, enabling participants to meet with data center and cloud infrastructure experts.

At DCD>Brazil, Jim Fletcher will be keynoting as part of the Digital Transformation & Data Center Edge track, discussing "Edge Computing, AI and "The Art of the Impossible". Momenta has been primarily focused on "connect and collect" - the instrumentation and sophistication of "things" and collecting large data amounts subsequently generated. We believe that data’s real value and associated challenges come out as we move from collection to monetizing its inherent usefulness through advanced technological capabilities.

How will emerging technologies change the game for you and your industry?

To learn more about Momenta, schedule a time to meet with Jim at DCD>Brazil.



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