Oct 20, 2020 | 4 min read

Digital Industry Insight #37

Webinar Highlights: Intelligent Supply Chains

Momenta hosted a webinar on October 15th as part of our Digital Industry Impact series, exploring the frontlines of digital value-creating in Intelligent Supply Chains.

Our Digital Industry Impact series is created by practitioners, for practitioners. During these webinars we feature impactful examples of digital innovation and solutions driving value and creating business opportunities. This webinar is for supply chain leaders, asset managers and executives as well as entrepreneurs and investors, who are looking to better understand digital industry impact in supply chain. 

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Over the past five years, Supply Chain has been transformed by a tsunami of emerging technology at a scale and pace of change that has never been seen before.

This webinar featured an all-star panel of Momenta portfolio companies and their founding CEOs. Ken Forster, Momenta’s Executive Director and Ben Tao, a successful and seasoned growth strategist and M&A executive, reviewed the state-of-the art in Supply Chains, evaluating today’s challenges and opportunities. Followed by the leaders of AkuaCloudleaf and NanoThings, each of them sharing their best practices to help customers create impact with their state of the art solutions and rounded out with a robust live Q&A section.


Here are the top three key takeaways from this webinar:

#1: Agility & Resiliency

An agile supply chain can create competitive advantage while enabling a business to recover from disruptions and adapt to rapid changes in the market. Supply chain agility and resiliency is about speed, how to respond rapidly to external changes in the market environment, customer preferences, competitive dynamics and other forces.


#2: Visibility & Transparency

The world is moving quickly to digital business, and it’s become an imperative for supply chain participants to embrace end to end visibility or risk being left behind. The key to a flexible supply chain is visibility and transparency.


#3: Autonomy

Digital technologies such as AI and AR are improving everyday actions, and in turn, making supply chains more efficient and prepared to lessen the impact of immediate risks. Transforming your supply chain to autonomous, machine-centric processes rather than manual, human-centric operations is key for building the supply chain of the future.

The need for agility and resilience, visibility and transparency, as well as autonomy in the supply chain has never been more apparent than in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.


For more insights on Intelligent Supply Chains, we invite you to watch this webinar on-demand!

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